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A downloadable game for Windows


The initial deployment of The What-Iffers in: Final Fancy is defective. The deployment cannot be updated until the IGMC 2017 is concluded. In the meantime, please download the game from my personal webspace instead of the version below. If the download fails, please try resuming it.

Ever wanted to put yourself into one of your favorite gaming worlds? The What-Iffers are all about doing just that! Join them as they bring their own original slant and quirky humor to popular games!

Everybody knows that one mega-popular JRPG series that never seems to end despite what its name says. The What-Iffers take a dive into a world of high fantasy and throw a puzzling twist into it. Use the unique abilities of your four different heroes to leap chasms, sizzle ice monsters, protect against searing fireballs, and teleport to unreachable places. Your entire party must work together and reach the goal of each stage to succeed. Will they escape the dungeon of the sharp-fanged and sharper-tongued vampire lord? Only with your help!

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Published 12 days ago
Release date 12 days ago
Tags16-bit, Comedy, Fantasy, Funny, igmc2017, Magic, Parody, RPGMaker, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers, Gamepad (any)

Install instructions

Extract all files to any location in your computer's storage. Run Game.exe to play.


Download 132 MB


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Just finished this game a few minutes ago, it has really clever puzzles, some simple to solve and others that really were a challenge (I couldn't finish them all actually)  Don't expect a thrilling story, it's just comedy, but it's entertaining, I really liked the tutorial guy (Even though he didn't appeared as much as I hoped)  and for a mechanic based game is very solid since I didn't found any major glitches, if you like a short game with interesting puzzles (Some that are really hard) this is your choice


Thanks for a glowing review. :)

I tried to play your game for the Secret Santa, but unfortunately it crashed right after it says that I'm entering the L.U.S.I.D. Lobby (screenshot of the error). 

Thanks for the bug report. I've made a working version of the game available from my personal webspace, and I'll replace the version here as soon as the IGMC rules allow me to.

Alrighty, I game the working version a try, and it seems like it could be interesting.  I like puzzle games, but not ones with time limits or requiring quick button presses (I prefer to take my time when solving things and don't play well under pressure) so I stopped when I got stuck on Stage 12.  Personally I thought the first five stages could've been combined a bit, as it felt like it dragged on before I was free to do some real puzzles.  I also had a minor gripe with talking to Noab, even if he was a ghost it would've been nice to not keep walking through him when trying to interact!

You've got an interesting idea here, I hope you keep working and improving it . :)